Little Sleepy Head Toddler Pil

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Look no further for the best toddler pillow, this is the ONE! Our pillow is 13” X 18” and is recommended for children ages 2+. When you purchase from us today, you will see: Your Toddler Will Love Their Pillow! This amazing pillow is just the right size for your little one. It is so comfortable that they are going to want to sleep with it and take it with them everywhere they go! Just like their favorite blanket or stuffed “friend”, this snuggly pillow will become their new “must have.” A Perfect fit! This pillow is just the right fill for their little necks, even though many toddlers sleep in all kinds of positions. Whether they sleep on it, next to it, holding it, over it, or some other way, the one thing we know is they are going to love it! Hypoallergenic and Washable! This pillow is 100% hypoallergenic, which means it won’t contribute to or cause allergies! Yes, this pillow is washable! Please wash on cold, gentle cycle, and dry on low. Fluff, if needed, and love again. Made in the USA It is pretty hard to find products made in the good ol’ USA these days. But ours is. Our pillows are made by people who live locally, and who care about each and every pillow they make. Quality You Can Trust The premium polyester cluster fiber fill is covered with a soft 100% cotton, 200 thread count fabric, and it is filled just enough to provide snuggly support for your sleepy head’s neck. Pillows conform with use so the more your toddler uses their pillow, the more it will be unique to their needs. Our Guarantee We are so sure that you and your little one are going to love their “Little Sleepy Head Pillow” that we are offering a 90-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee. We also offer a “love the fluff” guarantee!
This snugly, take-it-everywhere he or she goes pillow is THE perfect size and softness for your baby toddler! Our childrens pillows are just right for toddler beds too!
100% Hypoallergenic – your toddler may not have allergies, but why take chances?
Not too fluffy, not too flat! This pillow for kids holds it’s shape over time and, of course, it is washable!
Backed by our “Love the Fluff” or we will replace it Guarantee! Pillowcases sold separately!