T-CORE Power Bank The Smallest


Product Description

Buy,buy and buy

Happy every day, give your friends and family an exquisite power bank as a good gift.

No bomb,No burden,No bearing

A poor quality power bank brings some potential safety hazard to you and your family, like smoking,inflaming,or even explode.

Will you accept a bomb at home?

And a brick-like power bank,it is too big,so heavy to be a burden,and gross. But you don’t have to bear it .

Don’t worry! We bring you Industry-Leading Power Bank

The design of the silver backing and mirror surface are both curved for beauty.

With the world’s safest Li-polymer battery in aluminum case.

No excessive bulk, compact like 50% iphone X, easily stored in your pocket or purse.

The freedom and safety you will experience from our portable compact powerful charger.

The Last Charger You Will Ever Need

T-CORE 20000M power bank packs 10000mAh enough juice to charge your phone 5 times,adds about 50 hours of web browsing time.

Fast charging technology, deliver light-speed charging experience, efficient charging for both input and output is fast,and save your time.

Dazzling exterior, elaborate and durable. Made of polymer material, protective to your power bank and ensure long service life.

Accurate volume display, in-time reminder for you to re-charge the power bank.

This is the power bank we carefully prepare to you, just trust it.


Caution:USB-C port support normal charging. If you want to charge device by USB-C fast charging, please search “T-CORE PD20000M”, a new model with similar appearance.



Fashion mirror

Fashion is a mirror ,let you love it for ever.




Smaller body

Slips easily in and out of a purse, pocket, or bag.

Lighter weight

You carry it easily without adding burdens.

More accurate

Say goodbye to anxiety. Display the real time remaining capacity from 0%-100%.

Fashion MirrorFashion Mirror



Willing to Share

Charge 3 devices at the same time by 2 USB-A output and 1 USB-C ports. Enjoy sharing the battery with your friends.

More reliable

T-CORE insists on using better battery cell to improve the safety and speed of charging.

Carry on the Plane

37Wh, far lower than the restricted 100Wh to be carry on the plane.

Of course, you would not want it to charge at a snail’s space. We adopt QC 2.0 quick charge technology that can reach total output up to 3A, you can fully charge your phone in less than 30 minutes. It can support 2 USB-A output and 1 USB-C output at a time, accessible to lightning, micro and Type-C interface.
Who said that power bank must be bulky like a brick? It’s smaller than half the size of the iPhone and weighs just 0.48lbs.The appearance of full arc design, micro arc aluminum alloy bottom and mirror surface make the power bank look like a work of art. The design without edges and corners make you feel more comfortable.
You won’t like a brick-like power bank. Even if you put it in your bag, what if it crumple the file? We’ve developed the smallest external battery that is only half the normal size of a phone, easily put it in your pocket.
Thanks for the customer’s trust, T-CORE insists on using the best materials, keeps improving every process, and strives to provide the best quality power bank to customers.We hope to be friend with our customers and let them use the safest and best quality products.To ensure safety, we provide 24 months after-sales service.
Caution:USB-C port support normal charging. If you want to charge device by USB-C fast charging, please search “T-CORE PD20000M”, a new model with similar appearance.